Ecom-nomics 101

Welcome to my blog. This topic is hardly orginal, but, they say, write what you know. In my case, I am hoping to use my writing to get at what I don’t know. While that list is obviously rather long, right now I am referring to what I don’t know about ecommerce.  And mostly, that is business process.

In the abstract, it is easy to do things the “right” way.  Test, test and test some more. Keep testing, so they say, and things keep getting incrementally better. This philosophy is fantastic for its universality. It works equally well for SEM, email marketing, site design, checkout optimization, etc.  There are some pretty good books about it, but this title makes my point Always Be Testing. So true. And so wrong. Or not wrong, rather, often impractical to the point of impossible.

Business process is the great question of the next decade of ecommerce. How do you build structures that can lead to efficient optimization, not just cyclic testing? How do you find the most fruitful areas of yield? How do you know when NOT to test? How much should you invest in making untestable things testable? What kind of organization structures work best?

These, and others like them, are the questions I have for myself. These are the questions that I want to try to answer in my writing. I won’t be able to do it alone, for certain, but perhaps, someday, a comment or two may help.